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Renew Wellness provides the Splankna Protocol Services. Splankna enables inner healing.  Inner healing is deep emotional healing from past or current wounds. Inner healing focus on how the heart carries emotional trauma. Current symptoms an individaul is experiencing can be lessened with inner healing.  Splankna reduces negative stored emotions providing the ability to function in life in new ways. 


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What Is Splankna?

Splankna Therapy is the first Christian protocol for mind-body psychology. Mind-body psychology utilizes the same system in the body that acupuncture and chiropractic are based on to alleviate stored emotions in the body. The Splankna Protocol helps the client identify where the body is holding different emotions and enables  the client to release those emotions.  The client becomes able to function in new ways or ways they have not been able to for a long time.

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How does Splankna work?

Splankna  combines body, soul and spirit to resolve emotional trauma. When all three elements of the person are working together, the change is deep and lasting. Splankna enables our bodies stored emotions to be released. When the stored emotions behind a symptom are relieved,  the client is enabled to remove the destructive vows and lies.

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Renew Wellness provides Splankna Therapy. 
Malisa Williams is a Certified Masters Splankna Practitioner.


"Splankna is a unique protocol that brings together the best aspects from different energy psychology approaches and complementary protocols and places them in a biblical context."

— Splankna Therapy Institute


What Client's are saying:

"During my last session I was dealing with my gifting and how it relates to my professional relationships.  I was feeling like we were not accomplishing everything we should at work.  I was blaming and judging others for not following through with our plans and direction.  Through our Splankna session I became more aware of God’s calling for my life.  God was calling me to move forward in leadership and example rather than judging others for not leading.  I was empowered to “speak the truth in love” and not to become frustrated and anxious about what was not getting done.  I was empowered to take the lead in a Godly way.  Since that time I have felt empowered to lead several initiatives and to create good teams to lead projects." ~Monica