Happy Clients


"I came to my session seeking a Healthier Lifestyle.  Through session I gained an understanding why I had destructive health patterns that have been present in my life because of agreements made with the enemy.   I was released from the agreements I made with the enemy, I repented of those decisions and the Lord made those areas whole again.   I am now fully able to thrive the way God has always intended for me to thrive."


"I wasn't really sure what I wanted to work on when I did my session, I just knew that I wanted to connect with God at a deep level and allow Him to show me whatever He wanted to show me - I was open! It was a powerful time and He showed me in three different ways the same Creative Emotions that He wanted to instill into me. I created affirmations for those and they have given me real peace in my process of creating my new business. He also showed me that He is always speaking to me in my dreams. I have had very vivid dreams and I have a notebook by my bed to write them down. It was a great confirmation!"

— Kelly W.

"I wanted to gain confidence to move forward with starting a business.  After  attending Splankna sessions over time I noticed that I was gaining confidence, and gaining the ability to hear the Lord’s guidance for my business.   I started to recognize I was accomplishing goals, I never imagined I would accomplish.  I have met business goals  I never thought I would accomplish."

— Splankna Client


During my last session I was dealing with my gifting and how it relates to my professional relationships.  I was feeling like we were not accomplishing everything we should at work.  I was blaming and judging others for not following through with our plans and direction.  Through our Splankna session I became more aware of God’s calling for my life.  God was calling me to move forward in leadership and example rather than judging others for not leading.  I was empowered to “speak the truth in love” and not to become frustrated and anxious about what was not getting done.  I was empowered to take the lead in a Godly way.  Since that time I have felt empowered to lead several initiatives and to create good teams to lead projects.


"When I came to my intensive Splankna sessions I wanted to work on Hearing God’s Direction for my life.  The shift that occurred in my life after my sessions was the Lord stopped the negative trajectory I had chosen for my life.  I was humbled and enabled to listen to the Lord and see his provision for my life.  My negative reactions to triggers changed and it became easier for me to be responsible for my actions and responses to triggers.  Overreacting, and anger no longer controled my reactions to triggers.  After my Splankna intensive sessions I learned to wait on the Lord to reveal to me His desire and direction for my heart and life."